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Merz b. Schwanen Factory Tour

Merz b. Schwanen Factory Tour

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Earlier this summer, Wallace Hamilton went on a mission to Germany to learn more about one of our favourite brands: Merz b. Schwanen.   

We met up with the brand’s production manager, Michael Schleicher, in the town of Tailfingen. According to Schleicher, brand owner Peter Plotnicki moved to Tailfingen because he was attracted to the region’s rich history in textiles. Soon after, Plotnicki revitalized a local traditional garment facility to create the classic Merz b. Schwanen brand we know today. At their production facility, 19thcentury production machines are still in use, and those with a passion for hands-on traditional German textiles have the opportunity to produce truly natural, eco-friendly garments through the exclusive use of European bio-cotton.

Because we wanted to share our experience with you, we’ve created a video of our Merz b. Schwanen factory tour. Thank you to Michael Schleicher and Merz b. Schwanen for hosting us.

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